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When it comes to getting rid of your wallpaper, it can be a very difficult process

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When it comes to removing wallpaper, it can quickly become a difficult process. Wallpaper removal is a tedious and time consuming job. We wish there was an ingenious new product that would make removing old wallpaper easier. But there is no easy way to know how to remove wallpaper paste. And if you don't know what you're doing or start to get frustrated, you can damage your walls or stop before the job is done.

Some wallpapers are easy to remove and leave only glue residue. Other wallpapers are more complex.

It can be tempting to add wallpaper removal to your list of DIY chores. However, wallpaper removal is often much more difficult than homeowners anticipate.
Wallpaper removal is a delicate process that requires the right tools, such as a wallpaper steamer and special solvents.

Even with the right tools, you can never be completely sure how wallpaper will behave. Sometimes it comes off easily and leaves no damage behind.
Other times, you may encounter entire sections of wallpaper that simply won't come off.

More details

Many factors as listed below dictate the supplies and techniques used to remove different types of wallpaper:

  • How was the wallpaper applied?
  • How long has it been on the wall?
  • What type of wallpaper was applied?
  • Was the wall properly sealed or primed before application?

When we encounter problems with certain stubborn wallpapers, we know how to deal with them, while avoiding damage to the walls.

Here's how we do it:

  • First, we will prepare the surface by spraying it with a non-toxic solution.
  • Once saturated, we will carefully remove the old wallpaper using a wallpaper removal tool to gently lift the paper to avoid damaging your walls.
  • The condition of the wallpaper or the condition of the wall underneath the wallpaper can only be determined once the paper is removed.
  • The wallpaper will be vacuumed without leaving any traces.
  • The residues are washed and cleaned.

When painting over wallpaper is the best option.

Once your wallpaper is professionally removed, you will probably want to give your walls a new look. We can provide you with recommendations for beautiful, stylish walls that you will enjoy for years to come.

While it is generally best to remove the paper before painting, there are some instances where it may be advantageous to paint over wallpaper. First and foremost, the drywall or plaster walls beneath the paper will remain intact.

If you decide to go ahead and paint your wallpaper, it is important to properly prepare your walls for the best possible results.

We will first remove and replace the damaged sections and add adhesive to the loose pieces to minimize the risk of the paper falling out.

Next, we will cover the heavily textured paper with a thin layer of joint compound. This material will help smooth the surface so that the texture does not show through the paint. We will apply a coat of oil-based primer to the entire wall surface before painting. This helps seal the adhesive into the paper away from the moisture in the paint. Moisture from the paint can often loosen the adhesive from the wallpaper, causing bubbling or peeling. After all these options, your wall will be ready to be painted!

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